Democratic School – The Youth Consultative Council
The council works to encourage the spirit of voluntary work among youth and provide them with opportunities to be part of the civil society and engage in social work. The council consists of representative members from different NGOs, political parties, unions and youth organizations. The members of the council develop and present studies and recommendations for how to address matters of national interest.

Yemen Youth Consultative Council Logo

Advisory Committee for Childhood and Youth
The advisory committee works on facilitating and encouraging the participation of children and youth in building and developing their local communities. The committee also works on supporting the role of NGOs, the private sector and the government in implementing both the national and international policies for improving the conditions of childhood and youth in Yemen.

Advisory Committee for Childhood and Youth Logo

SHAWTHAB Foundation for Childhood and Development
SHAWTHAB is dedicated to protecting children’s rights and supporting the role of families in the development of children. In order for it to achieve it mission, the organization has set a number of goals which include, but are not limited to, investing in child development, supporting each child to survive, grow and develop and protecting children from any harm or abuse.

SHAWTHAB Foundation for Childhood Development Logo

The National Forum for Human Rights
The forum was started by a group of youth lawyers and activists in the governorate of Hodeidah as a civil initiative working in the field of raising legal and judicial awareness and offering legal consultations in the field of Human Rights protection.

The National Forum for Human Rights Logo

Assembly of Future Generations of Youth
The assembly focuses on raising awareness on the role of youth in the overall development of Yemen. Through various training activities, the assembly aims at engaging the youth to participate in issues of national importance.

Assembly of Future Generations of Youth Logo

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